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As every parent knows, children advance and mature at their own rate and at times when they feel most comfortable. Each child is an individual and as such they will progress according to their own abilities and desires. Such development, however, can be enhanced significantly when the child is nurtured within a safe, secure environment which promotes trust and learning through a structured yet playful program.

At Happy Tots Child Care Center we believe that while learning can certainly be made fun for children it must be developed primarly to stimulate the child’s desire to learn on their own. As children are naturally curious we seek to channel that curiousity into meaningful and useful educational directions. At the same time, we feel it is important to remember that the physical development of motor skills is crucial for the development of the child as a well rounded individual. A balance must be maintained between both body and mind and it is only through constant observation that patterns can be detected which can indicate the need for a gentle nudge in one direction or the other.

As opposed to other programs which may be more “sterile” or “institutional” in nature, we strive to make all of the children in our care feel relaxed, secure and comfortable. Our primary method of creating this environment is for us, as caregivers, to enjoy our time with the children and to allow our enjoyment to show through. It is our goal for each child to look forward to coming to Happy Tots in the morning and for them to think of the Center as their second home. In this way we can help parents enrich the lives of their children by exposing them to the diversity of the world around them and both the diversity and similarity of their peers.

Our program is designed to be inclusive of all children regardless of race, religion or ethnic background including children with identified disabilities and special learning and developmental needs. Whenever necessary, we cooperate with formulated treatment plans developed with the assistance of qualified professionals such as social workers, physical or occupational therapists, speech therapists or other required professionals.

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